SL Marketplace [MnM] Wood craft "Log bench"

[MnM] Log bench is a wood bench made from the tree logs. It has a sense of wilderness.
This object is mesh model, it has 1 land-impact in default size.


  • Included scripted products. rez it at the land where both build and script enabled.
  • Included "no animation product" and "no script product". If you don't need animations and scripts, use them.
  • A sharp edge model and a weathered (little rounded) model are included.
  • The land-impact of the mesh model changes depending on the size. Be careful when the large size of object.


Simply rez [MnM] Log bench anywhere you want.
Just remember you have to rez it at the land where both build and script enabled.
Please sit on [MnM] Log bench ( [MnM] Log bench is sit object.
You can sit automatically when you click. Or select "Sit here" in the pi menu ).
Up to five persons can sit at the same time.
You can change the sit-pose by touching the log bench when you sit on it.


Please right click to select the "touch" in the pie menu ( when you are not sitting in your bench ).
You can use two functions.

  • Texture You can select one of 9 built-in textures by an owner option dialog.


  • Animation You can setting to play sub-animations (eg. yawning). toggle ON or OFF. (can not stop the sitting-poses)

Tips: Please turn your AO off when you use [MnM] Log bench.

MnM Design
Utano Schell

I remade the previously released "Log bench" with a mesh model.
I increased the textures to 9 variants, and rounded the corners of the old type mesh model to gave it a weathered look.

The animations and scripts are mostly the same as before.

Sample decoration:




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