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Thank you for choosing [MnM] Rocks.
[MnM] Rocks is decorative object for your land or home.
This product include 72 objects.
Each object has 2 points land impact.

Rocks has 8 shapes, and 9 textures.

This product are made sculpted prim. not a mesh model.
Sculpted prim has land impact are not change, when object resized.

You can place a large size rock and resized, without worrying about land impacts.

This product include "Basic rock" texture and normal map(bump map) images.
Try to apply that (basic rock texture and normal map) to other rocks too if you have a problem about the loading and drawing cost.
Because this product use another textures and normal maps per object for a better look.

Background stories

I created the this product resembling the igneous rock.
It is intended to be used as a rock that can be seen in deep forests and mountains (perhaps dormant volcano).

Thank you again,
and enjoy your land or home arrangement with [MnM] Rocks ! =^_^=

MnM Design
Utano Schell

8 Shapes

8 Shapes

9 Textures

9 Textures

Sample decoration.


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